Carrot language interpreter (Version: beta)

Note that this language is still under construction. Source code for this website is at GitHub.






Carrot is an esoteric programming language made for code-golf.

Credits: Carrot was inspired by TeaScript, CJam, Pyth, V and Retina. This Roboto Mono font is from Google Fonts.

Quick Intro:

This is how every program in Carrot looks like:


The stack starts off as a String that can further be manipulated with the operations. The stack doesn't need to be enclosed in quotes. Another thing to note is the the stack is basically a String and not an array. Next up is the caret "^". This is required in every program as it seperates the stack from the operations. The operations manipulate the stack, to put it simply. At the termination of the program, the stack, after all the operations are applied, is printed to the output.

To learn more, you can visit the wiki for Carrot on GitHub.